1. General terms and conditions

Please read these terms of use carefully. By registering or using Pethotel pet care reservation service, you accept these terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) on your behalf.

The developer and owner of the Pethotel service is Pethotel Oy: ID number: 3291955-6, address: Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 HELSINKI, e-mail address: info@pethotel.io

Pethotel pet care reservation service (hereinafter "Pethotel service") is offered by Pethotel Oy (hereinafter "Pethotel"). internet booking service through which customers (hereinafter "You") can book the services of third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Sellers").

If you are not yet 18 years old, you must also get your guardians approval before you accept these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms or You do not have the right to act yourself or on behalf of the community you represent party to this agreement, you are not entitled to use the Pethotel service.

2. How the Pethotel service works

The purpose of the Pethotel service is to enable via the internet functional appointment booking service for customers ("Pet owners") and Sellers ("Pet sitters") between. Using the Pethotel service requires registration. Pethotel is not bookable through the Pethotel service seller or marketer of services, because Sellers offer and market independently with the Pethotel service. Pethotel works only as an appointment booking service for the Sellers' services and for such purposes as an intermediary for service-related payments when the payment transaction the service in question takes place through the Pethotel service.

These Terms are binding only between You and Pethotelli, and not Pethotel is not bound by the Seller's reservation conditions or other Seller's conditions. By booking services through the Pethotel service, you agree to manage the service you booked independently and you commit to these Terms and Conditions To the booking conditions stated by the sellers ("Pet sitters"). Reservation in connection with the Seller can provide you with a booking confirmation in which the Seller has the right to announce more detailed reservation or order conditions.

In connection with an appointment made through the Pethotel service, you can in certain cases, offer the possibility to pay for the service in advance Through the Pethotel service to the Seller. Payments are processed by Stripe Through Payments Europe Ltd. Pethotel continues to forward what it receives payment to the Seller of that service. Pethotel is not responsible for Sellers about the services offered or matters related to such services such as the content, quality, warranty or other conditions of the services. Your must present all the services you have booked through the Pethotel service related complaints and inquiries (such as canceling an appointment or transferring) directly to the Seller. More specifically, the Pethotel service's liability issues is described below.

Both the Seller and Pethotel can send you marketing messages in connection with its services or similar services, if you have given this your consent. The seller is responsible for his own activities as the data controller on compliance with personal data legislation. The data protection practices are more precise described below. Pethotel has the right to change the Pethotel service at any time whatever

3. The right to use and purpose of the Pethotel service

You agree to use the Pethotel service only for the purpose for which Pethotel service is intended. Using the Pethotel service for illegal, inappropriate or competitive purposes is absolutely forbidden, which is why Pethotel reserves the right to intervene to the violations of rights they have observed.

You agree to use the Pethotel service by giving in the service only correct and accurate information, and you do not forward the Pethotel service through illegal or unethical materials.

Pethotelli has the right to delete your data or suspend your access to the Pethotel service, if Pethotel suspects a violation of the Terms, illegal activity, improper activity, or when there is an obligation to do so on the basis of the law or official order. Ownership and all the intellectual property rights to the Pethotel service belong to Pethotell or its to contractual partners.

4. Cancellations

For orders canceled before the 24-hour treatment time, the entire order will be refunded sum. If the Reservation is not canceled before the treatment time, the reservation will be charged the whole amount.

5. Privacy

By using the Pethotel service, you also accept Pethotell privacy practices. Pethotelli's privacy practices in more detail is described in Pethotelli's Privacy Policy.

In addition to the practices described in Pethotelli's privacy statement, you commit specifically to the following practices:

  1. By using or registering for the Pethotel service, you surrender Pethotel Ltd. personal information about you based on your own consent.
  2. The personal information you provide in the Pethotel service regarding your appointment is also transferred to the use of the Seller ("Pet Sitter"). The seller is responsible for them about the use and the obligations of the data controller for its own part.
  3. Pethotelli has the right to use the information arising from the use of the Pethotel service all information to enable the operation of the Pethotel service, to correct possible error situations, the Pethotel service for development and editing and rights under the Terms and to fulfill and use obligations (such as by taking Contact you in the event of a possible disruption). In addition Pethotelli has the right to use your information for marketing purposes, if you have given your consent to this.
  4. Pethotell also has the right to use the information arising from the use of the Pethotel service information anonymously for Pethotelli's business development and to marketing. We can e.g. use the information in the Pethotel service when creating statistical information about reservations made through the Pethotel service, about customers and other things that do not reveal your identity. The rights of use and commitments regarding personal data continue according to the law as required by the use of the Pethotel service or provided by the Seller even after the end of the service.
  5. Responsibilities of Pethotell and You Pethotel is not responsible for those products or services that you book through the Pethotel service. The seller offers products or services to you in their own name and on their own account. Pethotel has no liability for any damage to you or for any harm caused to you directly or indirectly by the Pethotel service use or the services offered by the Sellers of the service.

You are personally responsible for any use of the Pethotel service for you to the resulting harm or damage. You are fully responsible To Pethotel, Sellers and other appropriate third parties Your for the damage and inconvenience you cause.

The Pethotel service is being actively developed and Pethotel strives to build depending on the service's good information security. Due to the nature of online services however, we note that Pethotel provides the Pethotel service as such as it is, and Pethotel cannot guarantee that the Pethotel service would be used without interruption or errors or that all information or other the material available from the Pethotel service would be free malware or other harmful objects. Please be immediately contact Pethotel about what you notice or suspect harmful aspects of the Pethotel service.

Registration for the Pethotel service can be done by a third party (eg by means of a service or interface provided by Facebook). In addition The websites of the Pethotel service may contain hyperlinks other than For websites maintained by Pethotel. Pethotel does not monitor such third parties websites and is not responsible for their content, their use or of the applicable terms of use of such websites. The links to these websites provided by the Pethotel service do not mean, that Pethotel would accept the material provided by these websites or, that Pethotel would monitor their content. In addition to the above, the so-called force majeure may make it difficult or prevent Pethotel from responding or operational possibilities to intervene in disturbances, inconveniences or damages.

6. Working and Withholding

Pethotel does not operate as a labor service and is not the employer of users, sellers or service providers. Sellers are solely responsible for all taxes, withholdings and reporting, such as possible unemployment insurance, social security and payroll tax withholding or income reporting related to their to the services they offer. As a service provider, you accept that you are obliged to pay all taxes arising from the use of the services you provide through Pethotel. If Pethotel is found to be liable to pay taxes or reporting obligations in connection with the services you provide or receive, you must immediately compensate To Pethotel all related costs, expenses and liabilities. This includes all possible interest and penalties. You are responsible for all applicable regarding compliance with tax laws and regulations for the Pethotel service and your offers regarding the use of services. This includes local indirect taxes determination and their appropriate inclusion in the amounts payable. Pethotel is not responsible for any taxes related to the use of the service or to the services you provide. In addition, when you register for the Pethotel service a third through a service provided by a party, please note that Pethotel does not monitor these third parties websites and is not responsible for their content or terms of use. Pethotel also does not approve or control their content. In addition, superior obstacles can make it difficult or prevent Pethotel's operation, leading to disturbances, inconveniences or in dealing with damage.

7. Lack of agency

This Agreement is not intended to be an independent contractor, agent, partnership, joint venture, employer-employee or franchisor-franchisee -ratio. Without limiting the foregoing, except as expressly provided herein, Pethotel does not act as an intermediary, host, member or anything of any Service or Site on behalf of another user or visitor. Pethotel is not an employment service or an office, and it is not it acted as an employer or referral source for any user.

8. Terms validity and changes

You can stop using the Pethotel service at any time by deleting your registration in Pethotel with the "Forget me" functionality or with another similar user data deletion feature. "Forget me" you can find the functionality in the "Privacy" section of the "My account" page. We note, that by deleting your user data from the Pethotel service, your data will not however, leave the databases of the Sellers whose services you have booked through the Pethotel service. We ask you to be direct in this regard contact the Sellers to delete your information.

Pethotel may terminate or deny your right to use the Pethotel service at any time at any time, if Pethotel considers that there is a valid reason for doing so. Pethotel may change these Terms at any time. You accept the new Terms, if you continue to use the Pethotel service after the change to the Terms. If you don't accept the changes, You must stop using the Pethotel service and delete your user data as described above. Pethotel service at the end of the use or the right to use, however, the Terms remain in effect the mentioned terms of use which, due to their nature, require to be valid remaining (i.e. especially regarding responsibilities and dispute resolution).

9. Transfer of rights

Pethotel has the right to transfer the Pethotel service, its production and its rights and obligations to any third party without your consent. This also includes the right to transfer your data personal data to a third party, if the Pethotel service or part of the service is transferred to the third.

10. Dispute resolution and applicable law

Disputes arising from the use of the Pethotel service or otherwise from these Terms and disagreements are basically governed by Finnish law. We ask however, note that the Pethotel service is available in several different on the ground. Due to the differences in the legislative and official requirements of different countries The Pethotel service may be offered with different content and with different terms of service depending on the country. In a disputed situation, the Seller's can also be applied the legislation and practices of the place of business.

All issues are primarily resolved through mediation. If an agreement cannot be reached despite the mediation agreement, a dispute can be brought as a first instance to at least the Helsinki district court to be resolved. Compulsory action brought by the consumer against Pethotel a claim based on consumer protection legislation can also be investigated in a lower court in whose jurisdiction the consumer has a local on the basis of its legislation, the court brings the matter to a resolution.

11. Artificial intelligence-based treatment place search tool

The Pethotel service includes an AI-based treatment facility tool called also known as "Pethotel AI" This tool is designed to help users to find a suitable care facility for their pet. AI Matchmaking The tool makes the best use of the pet's information and the user's messages to suggest a place of care, and it is based on the OpenAI interface. More information on the processing of personal data can be found From OpenAI's privacy statement.

By accepting these terms of use, you give permission to Pethotel Oy and to its technology partners, such as OpenAI, to process your data pet information and messages for Pethotel AI operations to enable. This process involves data analysis and recommending the best treatment options through the user interface.

Pethotel Oy ensures that everything through Pethotel AI the processed information is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act and that the user's privacy is preserved. Artificial intelligence-based treatment site tool is designed to comply with information security and privacy protection standards.

It is important to understand that an AI-based matchmaking tool offers only recommendations, and the final decision on the choice of treatment location is the responsibility of the user. Pethotel Oy takes no responsibility for Pethotel AI of the sanctions of the recommendations.

The user has the right to inspect and request repairs themselves to information that is used by Pethotel AI. More information on the processing of personal data can be found at Pethotel Oy from the privacy statement.

12. Limitation of liability related to the use of artificial intelligence

Although Pethotel Oy strives to ensure that the Artificial Intelligence tool operation is reliable, we cannot guarantee the recommendations of the tool full or even partial accuracy. Pethotel Oy does not guarantee accuracy of the tool or their applicability to all users or for pets. Pethotel Oy takes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages that may be caused by Pethotel AI usage or the recommendations it gives.