Privacy Statement

Pethotel - Customer register of appointment bookers

This privacy statement describes the privacy practices of Pethotel Oy regarding the service for appointment booking customers at pethotel. The above-mentioned Pethotel booking website is used together as a name "Service". Through the Service, the customer can make a last-minute order in the Service appointments at Pethotelli's partner stores, to compare service offering and to perform other measures described in the Service.

In this data protection statement, it is explained, among other things:

  • how Pethotel processes the personal data of individuals;
  • what kind of personal data Pethotel can collect from individuals;
  • for which purposes Pethotel can be used by individuals personal data.
  • about the rights of individuals regarding the personal data we collect.

1. Registry administrator

Pethotel Oy
Social security number 3291955-6

2. Pethotel Oy

's contact person and contact information for the registry

c/o Joonas Vyhtinen
Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki

3. Name of the register Appointment bookers' customer register ("Register")

4. The purpose and background of personal data processing

Data given to Pethotell through the Service are collected in the register personal data of individuals in order to provide the Service appropriately and legally. Individuals are using the Service regarding Pethotelli's customers or users ("Customer"), but the Service regarding the appointment booked through Pethotelli's partner customers. The customer's personal data is used especially for customer care, for communication and direct marketing. The most important part of customer care is related to the provision of the marketplace, so-called for last-minute appointments that are free service times offered by Pethotelli's partners. In addition, the personal information provided by the Customer is transmitted through the Service To Pethotelli's partner, for whom the Customer has made an appointment. Pethotelli's partners can be, in particular, hairdressers, barbers, wellness or beauty shops.

5. Direct marketing permit

If the Customer has given Pethotell direct marketing permission, Pethotelli has the right to contact you for direct marketing To the customer by e-mail, phone, mail or other electronic means with a means of communication. The customer has the right to deny what he has given direct marketing permission in all situations by making a notification about the matter To Pethotell.

6. Registry content

The register is collected by the customer in connection with the appointment personal information that is considered necessary for the proper customer relationship to take care of. If the Customer has logged into the Service by entering phone number and confirmation code for Pethotell, and in some cases an appointment connection, the following appointment booking information is requested and collected from the Customer:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Pet name
  • Age of the pet
  • Type of pet (e.g. Cat, Dog)
  • Gender of the pet
  • Pet's size
  • Pet breed
  • Photo of a pet
  • Photo of the pet's vaccination passport
  • The identifier that connects the Customer's payment card to the Stripe service
  • IP address

7. Regular data sources of the register

Personal information is obtained when the Customer makes a last-minute appointment or otherwise use the Service (e.g. creating or updating a user account in connection with). In addition to the above, Pethotel can collect its websites about users with the help of analytics tools user data, such as the IP address and browser version. We at Pethotelli do not use analytics data to identify the user, but we know that as part of other data it can be possible to connect to an individual person. We treat it the same way principles like personal data. Pethotel also reserves the right to use cookies on its website, the use of which can typically be prohibited browser settings.

8. Disclosure of personal data

The disclosure of personal data is followed in all situations legislation. The customer understands and accepts that when booking an appointment his personal information is forwarded to Pethotelli's partner, to whom The customer has made a reservation through the Service. In this context, we give up following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Pet name
  • Age of the pet
  • Type of pet (e.g. Cat, Dog)
  • Gender of the pet
  • Pet's size
  • Pet breed
  • Photo of a pet
  • Photo of the pet's vaccination passport
  • Additional order information

The customer is asked to take into account that the information provided above can Pethotelli's partner also connects with other Customers to personal data, if the Customer has also disclosed himself to others personal data to Pethotelli's partner. Regarding the Customer are asked to get in touch and submit their data protection requests directly to Pethotelli's partner for whom the Customer has made appointment. Pethotel does not hand over the Customer's personal data to others to third parties other than Pethotelli's partners mentioned above, for whom the Customer has made an appointment. In addition to the above personal data can be disclosed to the authorities in accordance with the law so on request. The register is stored and protected in such a way that no unrelated parties have access to the register data.

9. Transfer of personal data

Pethotel uses subcontractors to produce its Service, who are from the point of view of data protection legislation, the so-called personal data processors. Pethotel can publish more information on its website about its privacy practices and the Customer can also contact Pethotelli regarding data protection issues. The customer agrees that his personal data can be transferred to third parties through the Pethotel service to data processors, provided however that the transfer of personal data has been implemented in accordance with EU data protection legislation. Above includes the right to transfer personal data to a third country in the European Union and outside the European Economic Area, provided however that the data EU data protection legislation has been complied with in all aspects of the transfer requirements.

10. Registry Protection

Pethotel has organized the Register's information security in a generally acceptable manner way and strives with appropriate technical solutions to prevent unauthorized persons access to its information systems maintained with the help of information technology as well as to their manually maintained and stored materials. Only Pethotelli's employees and those acting on Pethotelli's behalf contractors and their employees have access to the contents of the Register to information bound by confidentiality regulations.

11. Inspection right

The customer has the right to know what information is about him has been deposited in the personal register or that there are no records concerning him in the Register information. At the same time, Pethotellin must inform the Register in accordance with the rules information sources and what the Register's information is used for and in accordance with the rules will be handed over. A customer who wants to check information about himself is submit a request to this effect to Pethotell by hand in a signed or similarly certified document.

12. Correction of information

If the Customer discovers, for example, when exercising the right of inspection, that The Customer has the right to request that there are deficiencies or errors in the information in the register Pethotellia to correct the information to be appropriate.

13. Data deletion

You can stop using the Pethotel service at any time by deleting your registration in Pethotel with the "Forget me" functionality or with another similar user data deletion feature. "Forget me" you can find the functionality in the "Privacy" section of the "My account" page. We note, that by deleting your user data from the Pethotel service, your data will not however, leave the databases of the Sellers whose services you have booked through the Pethotel service. We ask you to be direct in this regard contact the Sellers to delete your information.

14. Other Rights

Pethotel reserves the right to change this privacy policy from time to time to fulfill its legal obligations. Pethotel commits on his own initiative or at the request of a person registered in the Register to correct, delete or supplement the information in the Register, which are found to be incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or for example out of date. If the correction of the information is not accepted, it will be given to the person a reasoned notice stating the reasons why there is no claim admitted.

15. Cookie policy

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